Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stardoll Global Fashion: Brasil

Hey Fashionistas!

After some days of planning and analyzing our ideas, we have picked the first country to kick off the beginning of Stardoll Global Fashion! And as we said in our introduction SGF puts you in the driver seat or in this case in, the virtual cockpit! Everyday of the week there will be a different subject and you all are invited to apply and participate in bringing that subject to life!

The subjects are as follows:
Traditional Dress
IN Trends
Beauty Rush
IT Designer
Party Planner

So head over to the apply section if your interested in posting in any of these catergories!

The first country is... "BRASIL", a beautiful and interesting country who is a fashion follower, so we introduce you the spoiler for the first event...

*Please spread the word on your blogs, Please*


  1. sorry could you tell abit about each subject am kinda dupid:/

  2. Sure, Sure. :D

    Culture: It's about the traditions and more stuff of the country.
    Traditional Dress: traditional costume/Outfit of the country.
    IN Trends: The trends that are rocking the country at the moment, the latest and modern trends.
    Beauty Rush: Latest Beauty trends and tips, latest news about the make-up that is in at the country.
    Photography: Photo, pics, fashion editorials that will be featured and more things.
    IT Designer: the most famous designers of the country.
    Party Planner: The last day of the week that will close the Brasil's Week with a big party.

  3. ooo i know witch one am picking ;D call me ri diddy

  4. The creative director of Calvin Klein is Brazilian. His name is Francisco Costa.We also have a few designs on Stardoll from another Brazilian designer named Alexandre Herchcovitch.

  5. I know those designers I put above are based in the the US,but they still are brazilian.

  6. isint it Brazil?

  7. i love brasil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. saw it on USD. Amazing idea