About Us

Stardoll Global Fashion was found by Manolo Di Cicco, Cassandra & Marco Malchik along with Dioguardi Group, SGF is a unique project because it invites and gives the opportunity to the Stardoll Users to participate in our events, contests and much more.

Stardoll Global Fashion is a fashion driven trip to a different country around the world every week. Each week a different country will be presented and followers and staff from all over the world can participate in many different ways by showcasing those countries specific fashion styles & trends by doing all or any/but not limited to the following:

Followers/SGF Team:
-Style look-a-likes
-Real life pictures
-Posts about lastest designers from the specific country
-Make-up tutorials
-Language translations

Participants do NOT have to be from the country that is being presented although it would be good to have first hand looks from those that live it every day.